One Year Anniversary!

After having time to reflect on such a great party, I just want to say I am SO grateful for each and every person that has supported me through this first year.  It has been easy and hard, short and long all at the same time.  Some parts zoom by, some days are a little slower.  But without each person supporting me and my business, I wouldn't even be here.  Retail and restaurants they say are the hardest businesses to open and mostly all fail within the first year or couple years of being open.  WE SURVIVED and thrived :).  SO happy.  I just want to say thank you to friends and family for helping me with the party and the year as a whole!  You all inspire me to keep pushing my dream and to hopefully continue to keep growing.  And to the customers!  I have had the sweetest customers!  Bringing me extra shopping bags, ideas for windows and just your company!  I love it when people come in and say that they have heard about my shop from a friend, word of mouth is the best advertisement!  Even if you don't buy anything at all, just stop in and say hi!!


Enjoy the few pictures we took throughout the night! 

The coasters are made and designed in Milwaukee, by doing a very cool collaboration with my dad's business, Deutsch and Sons, Co. Inc.  It is a four pack of coasters made of brushed aluminum.  We did sell our stock at our party in about ONE HOUR!!  There is a waiting list for our next stock which will hopefully be in in the next upcoming weeks.  Please e-mail ( or call 414-258-3892 for more information or to get on that list!  Once we are restocked hopefully we can start shipping nationwide for those Wisconsinites that live elsewhere!  

40 DAYS TIL CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO