Hyde Park x Rivolt Accessories F/W 2017 Fashion Show

BIG thanks to everyone who helped make this amazing show possible!


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Photos by Chris Kipp

Hair: Kaley Wittnik & Kaitlin Kostrivas

Makeup: Molly Harmon

Music & Runway Coordinator: Diane Rutkowski and Kellen Nordstrom of Needle and Thread Blog

Behind the Scenes: Peter Sanger, Chris Kipp, Rose Deutsch, Dave Deutsch, Neha Lynch, Kate Walker, Katrina Vrakas

Models: Angie Miller, Ashley Lausten, Carolyn Neikirk, Elisha Dyer, Katie Nelson, Katie Young Eagle, Kirsten Strigenz, Lilly Caban, Lizzy Lynch, Lucy Deutsch, Maya Sanden, Meg Dewire, Meghan Deutsch, Moe Kwiatkowski, Molly Harmon, Sara Deutsch, Tracy Bredl


Thanks to all who came out to support, we raised $900 for the Grace Foundation through generous donations and ticket sales!